Matthew, labeled the Boy Next Door, is a camper in Total Drama Lakes. He does not compete in Total Drama Reaction or in Total Drama Village. He does not qualify to return as a tourist in Total Drama Cross Country.

Physical traits and PersonalityEdit

True to his label, Matthew is quite simply the boy next door. He is friendly, and charming and yet shrouded in mystery. Shy and introverted, Matthew prefers to keep to himself, althoguh he is willing to engage in a polite conversation with his neighbors. Interestingly enough, as quiet as he is, he seems to have a very loud lifestyle as he is also known as a wannabe photographer. He is almost always seen carrying a camera with him which he finds pleasure in taking pictures of absolute everything. From settings, to people, to nearby toliets. If it exist, Matthew has a picture of it. Although he has good intentions, his asocial behavior often is catastrophic for him as he unintentially annoys someone without even realizing it. This is almost always because he takes a picture of them without their consent.

Total Drama LakesEdit

He is, like, the first person eliminated or something.

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