Lucky, labeled the Poor, Unfortunate Soul, is a camper and confirmed winner of Total Drama Lakes. He was placed on the Silly Grouses team. He returned as a cast member in Total Drama Reaction as a member of the Red Wires team. He also returned as a peasant to Total Drama Village as a member of the Starving Songbirds team. Additionally, he returned as a tourist to Total Drama Cross Country where he was member of the Heroic Hens.

Physical Traits and PersonalityEdit

From his first moments, it is very clear that Lucky is significantly unlucky. He is depictated as being short, skinny, and sunburnt to a crisp. His family is significantly poor, unstable, and dysfunctional. He fails all his classes despite actually trying his best at them, he accidentally drove his family's car off a bridge (resulting in further debt) and he try-outs for the tennis team of his school, only to be picked to be a substitute for the substitute for the water boy. Despite his apparant failures, Lucky never seems to have a dull moment. Indeed, he doesn't let this apparant curse of him dictate his viewpoints, and he finds joy and happiness regardless of his unfortanances. Finding laughter in his failures, Lucky is certainly hopeful to win.

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