Henry, labeled the Indifferent Sloth is a camper in Total Drama Lakes and was placed on the Silly Grouses team. He returned as a cast member in Total Drama Reaction as a member of the Blue Buttons team. He also returned as a peasant in Total Drama Village as a member of the Depressed Donkies team. He did not qualify to return to Total Drama Cross Country

Physical Traits and PersonalityEdit

Henry is described as being particuarly lazy, overweight, unmotivated, and undriven. Despite these qualities, Henry has a good heart and good team spirit and does not hesitate to cooperate, although his efforts are often conidered to be slow and unacceptable. Henry's personal philsophy is to work smart, not hard, although his strategy is generally not smart or hard at all, but by flying under the radar.

He is african-american, large, and unhealthy. He has short black hair and dark brown eyes. He wears a greasy dark gray t-shirt and tattered black short jeans. He wears black sandals.

Total Drama LakesEdit

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