Grace, labeled the Southern Belle, is a camper in Total Drama Lakes and was a member of the Silly Grouses. She did not qualify to return to Total Drama Reaction but was an active member of the Aftermath's peanut gallery. She did, however, qualify to return as a peasant in Total Drama Village where she was a member of the Starving Songbirds. She was not qualified to return in Total Drama Cross Country.

Silly Grouses

Starving Songbirds

Neutral Newts

Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Place TDL: 8th

TDV: 11th

Physical Traits and Personality

Grace has a tough personality. A tomboy at heart, Grace is not afraid of getting down and dirty. Assertive and perhaps narrow-minded, Grace is very direct and often tells it as it is. Although she appears as a prissy girly-girl, Grace absolutely appals that persona. She can shoot a rifle, she can play professoinal sports, she even has a toolbox with her name on it. An independent woman by nature, Grace gets frustrated by laziness and dependency of others.

Grace wears typically cowgirl attire. She has long golden-brown hair. Her cowgirl hat is prissy pink and has a small pink flower plastered on it. She wears a brown tanktop and dark jeans. Her boots are brown with pink pistols on the them.

Total Drama Lake

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