Danielle ("Danni"), labeled the Sk8ter Gurl, is a camper on Total Drama Lakes, Total Drama Reaction, Total Drama Village. She also return as a tourist in Total Drama Cross Country as a Villanious Viper.

Physical Traits and PersonalityEdit


Danni. Her hair is long, black, and has red hair extensions.

Danni is generally laid-back, introverted, creative, and care-free. She doesn't care too much about the social aspect of the game and is litertally just there to have some fun. Whether this means her skating alone or by her interacting with some of the other players is of no concern of hers. While this attitude may make her appear to be unmotivated, Danni would do anything it takes to stay in the game and to avoid going home because she hates her annoying mother. A dark-minded girl by nature, Danni is not above cheating to achieve this goal, but she is above blatant manipulation of others. She can't stand high-maitance, liars, and generally over-the-top personalities and seems to prefer to the more quieter personalities of others.

Total Drama LakesEdit

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