Damien, labeled the Overanalyzing Perfectionist is a camper in Total Drama Lakes and was placed on the Silly Grouses Team. He originally did not qualify to return as a cast member in Total Drama Reaction but was forced back in the game due to a twist and was placed on the Red Wires' Team. He later returned as a peasant Total Drama Village where he was the main antagonist and was placed on the Depressed Donkies' team. He additionally returned as a tourist in Total Drama Cross Country as a member of the Villanous Vipers.

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Physical Trais and PersonalityEdit

Damien is an interesting antagonist in that he doesn't have much of an antagonstic personality. He is clearly in it to win it. He feels that his over-the-top superior organization skills would essentially let him dominate the entire game. His drive and motivation is often in overdrive, always insisting that he's the head of any project or organization that he is apart of. He's student class president, head of his debate team, and was captain of the chess club at his school. A nature-born leader, Damien loves to teach, but the problem is that Damien is somewhat of an aggressive teacher, as his greatest pet peeve is having to repeat himself. Damien will not tolerate being ignored and would often go to extreme measures to demonstrate this point. Damien also suffers from black-and-white thinking, often overemphasizing his successes while degrading the failures of others. A man of dignity and pride, Damien is confident he can prove that disciplne and drive is all it takes to win the game. Damien is a tall young man who is particuarly slender for someone his age. His jet-black hair, both in style and in legnth, is conserative and "office appropriate". He has no facial eyes and has teal eyes. He wears a black, gray, and white evenly horizontally striped polo shirt. He has a brown belt with khaki pants. He wears white tennis shoes which are neatly crossed and bowed.

Total Drama LakeEdit

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