Dahlya, labeled the Psycho Pyro, was a camper on Total Drama: Eve's Island  and was originally placed on the Indian Boys team before she, by herself, switched out with Ashley on the Raunchy Noise. She later returned to the game and was again placed on the Indian Boys team again where she remained. She returned as a cast member to Total Drama Reaction and was placed on the Red Wires team. She did not qualify to return as a peasant to Total Drama Village. She also did not qualify to return as a tourist to Total Drama Cross Country.

Total Drama: Eve's IslandEdit

In Hellfire, Dahlya was the 7th introduced to the island. She cruelly uses Chauncey as a footstool and gleefully assumes Chauncey as her "slave boy", which Chauncey submits to with little resistance. Her dreams where foiled however when Chris placed her on the opposite team of Chauncey. She angrily demanded to be on the same team as Chauncey, much to the dismay of her teammate. Chris refuses to do so. During the challenge, Dahlya was placed in a three way team with Sebastian and TK13 who where designanted protectors of the Hell scroll. However, Dahlya drifted away from the team and assumes herself as a member of the Indian Boys despite Chris's constant reminders that she was a Soldier Toy as her contract clearly stated. Angrily, Dahyla screeches out her catchphrase  ("I AM ABOVE THE CONTRACT!") and literally sets the contract on fire. Because of her insistance, she ultimately got confused of which team she was on and as a result accidentally burned her team's aquired scrolls--thereby making it impossible for the Soilder Toys to win. Because of this, her team where justifiable angry at her and she was subsequently eliminated. Before she was canon-shot out of a statue's butt, she claims that she would be back before they know it, since she is "above the contract".

Total Drama Harish IslandEdit

Dahlya was first introduced as an apparantly sweet, shy, and incrediably soft-spoken, however she had already predestined Chance as her slave much without his receptance. She was originally placed on the Soldier Boys team, but demanded to switch with Ashley on the Indian Boys so that she could be on the same team as Chance. When Chris refused, stating that due to her contract it is "against the rules", Dahlya angrily and irrationally bawls her catchphrase "I AM ABOVE THE RULES!" and burns her own contract with her lighter.

The entire episode, Dahlya assumes her status as a member of the Indian Boys despite Chris reminding her that she's still a member of the Soldier Boys. Dahlya refuses and continues to delibertely work against her teammates while enslaving Chance in the process. However, she soon becomes confused with who's on her team and "her" team and decides to delibertely burn her Hell scroll--thereby disqualifying the Soldier Boys and sending them to their first campfire ceremony where Dahlya was eliminated with all votes against her. Dahlya insisted that she'll return again since she is above the rules.

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