Bryan, labeled the Trust Fund Baby, is a camper and the main antagoinst of Total Drama Lakes and was a member of the Lost Boys. He was also a castmember in Total Drama Reaction and was a member of the Red Wires. He was also a peasant in Total Drama Village and was placed on the Starving Songbirds. Additionally, he returned in Total Drama Cross-Country as a Villianious Viper.

Physcial Traits and Personality

An almost perfect model of Bryan. Although Bryan is a bit more sinister looking.


Bryan is tall while still maintaining a perfect healthy weight. He has ice blue eyes. He has absolutely no facial hair. Bryan is dressed to impress. He wears a buttoned-up green dress shirt with vertical white stripes. He does not wear a tie. He wears black dress pants with a matching belt. He also wears matching black dress shoes.

Bryan is very clearly an evil person. It's been said that his nasty selfishness matches that of his family's wealth. He exhibits very little concern for others. In fact, it appears that he sadistically rejoices in their downfall. A natural-born leader, Bryan is quiet used to power and giving direction. While Bryan is clearly nasty, he is also very manipulative. Gifted with attractiveness, Bryan almost always uses his charm to get whatsoever he desires, only to discard said people afterwards with no regard. He views people as tools for his benefit and is unashamed of admitting it. When asked why he chose Total Drama, his response was to "prove how easy it is to win this game".

Total Drama LakesEdit

Bryan's strategy to win Total Drama Lakes was through the use of manipulation and by his vast wealth. He was notable for using money to convince the contestants, interns, and even Chris Mclain to manipulate the game to his favor, thereby causing many camper's elimination and thus caused everyone's eventual intense dislike for him after his demise. When money fails to speak, Bryan would find other methods to trick, confuse, and to instigate conflict himself. His corruption, while bringing him very far into the game, also caused to receive everyone's intense and permanate dislike for him. It was his bottomless pit of mean that would be his downfall.

Total Drama ReactionEdit

Bryan strategy was forgetful in Total Drama Reaction as the found that without his wealth, his previous strategy was useless, and with everyone hating him for his actions last season, he found that he was at the mercy of others, forcing him to swallow his pride. Bryan was no longer the confident, sneaky and nasty manipulator he was last season, but an incredably frustrated, insecure, angry, and perhaps even pitiful team player. Despite his efforts to redeem himself, he still was eliminated and was placed 10th.

Total Drama VillageEdit

Bryan seem to have humbled himself significantly well during Total Drama Village, although there are still some clear signs of bigotry and hatred seething from him. He does demonstrate the value of cooperation and teamwork, although he clearly does not trust anyone but himself. Despite this, he found himself forced to submit to an alliance with Damien, despite admitting that Damien's the least likely candidate for him to trust. His suspicions towards Damien where proven correct when Bryan was eliminated due to Damien's betrayal. Bryan placed 4th.

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