Ashley, labeled the Proud to Be Drug-Free Druggie, is a camper in Total Drama Lakes and was a member of the Silly Grouses team. She returned as a cast member in Total Drama Reaction originally as a member of the Blue Buttons, although she returned later as a Red Wire due to a twist in the game. She then returned as a peasant in Total Drama Village as a member of the Depressed Donkies. Additionally, she returned as a contestant in [[Total Drama Cross Country as a Heroic Hen.

Physical Traits and PersonalityEdit

Ashley's hair is a natural blonde. It is shoulder length. Additionally, she has yellow-green streaks on the ends of her hair. She also has noticable split ends. She wears subtle black eyeliner which complime

A VERY accurate model of Ashley's hair and facial features.

nts her yellow eyes. Ashley wears a blood red blouse which she wears underneath a zipped-up hot pink hoodie. The hoodie has white flowers plastered over her right side. She wears peach pants and brown sandles.

Ashley is very clearly addicted to illegal substances. From the moment she is introduced, she is shown to be incompetent and inadequate to perform mundane tasks. Littertally being thrown into the game straight from her rehab clinic, Ashley is a unique contestant in that she is not playing for the money but for her freedom as whenever she gets eliminated, she is sent back to the clinc, which she deems a prision. Ashley is unable to cope without drugs and although she geniunely tries to convince herself that she can quit whenever she chooses, she constantly finds herself sneaking bits and pieces of her drugs into muffins and cupcakes and other common pastries. It should be noted that Ashley is not an aggressive angry addict, but a friendly socialable one, although a very queer and odd one at that. She is very simple despite her attractiveness. She rarely makes enemies, although no one seems to like her. At all.

Total Drama LakeEdit

Ashley was a last-minute addition to the season. This is apparant when Chris mentions that Ashley came directly from her rehab clinic. She is especially friendly and cordial to her teammates, but it still particuarly shunned upon due to her odd personality. She quickly made a one-sided rivalry with Paris the moment Ashley saw her when she revealed that she had no idea that Paris was a movie star, thereby insulting her. While she was friendly towards pretty much everyone in her team, she earned the mistrust of her team when she was caught flirting with a manipulative Bryan who was on the other team. To make matters worse, Ashley lit up a cigarrette, only to force herself to throw it away, which caused a massive fire. This made Ashley indirectly cause her team to loose. Frustrated by this, her team unanomiously voted for Ashley, the first person voted off her team.

She later returned to the game along with Grace. When asked how she escaped her clinc, she simply responds by saying that she walked out the door. She is again placed right back to the Silly Grouses team and she promised to be much more observant of her behavior from now on. When Bryan and Boone swapped places, however, she continued to flirt with Bryan, apparantly convinced that Bryan has fallen for her. Bryan manipulated and orchestrated her elimination in precisely the same manner he did before and thus Ashley was eliminated on the very same episode she returned in.

She wasn't seen again until the finale, where she was seen supporting Lucky since she favored Lucky's playful personality over Rachel's shy and quiet type.

Total Drama ReactionEdit

Ashley had a very intersting season in Total Drama Reaction. While already qualified to return to the game, she would be elminated only to return right back to the game not once, not twice, but three seperate times, often back-to-back as a running gag.

Ashley was the third person voted out of the game, although she was eliminated unfairly as she ignorantly annoyed Chris to the point where he tossed her out of the game without a fair elimination. Hurt and saddened, Ashley convinces herself that she would return somehow someway.

Ashley determination to return to the game was granted when Ashley's clinic threatened to sue Chris due to his unlawful interference with the game, thereby forcing a pleased Ashley to return to the game. However, she was elimination "fairly" that very same episode when Chris offered the Blue Buttons a distinct and huge advantage for the next challenge should they all vote for Ashley, which they complied to.

However, Ashley returned to the game yet again when she, along with Damien where there female and male winners of the Total Drama Reaction Aftermath gameshow respectively. She returned to the Blue Buttons team.  A frustrated Chris was then forced to give the Blue Buttons an unfair advantage, however Ashley still managed to ruin the challenge due to her outrageous stupidity. She was finally voted out fair-and-square by her team.

However, when Paris insisted on opening Pandora's Box the very next opened, she revealed a twist which stated that the previous contestant from the opposing team who was eliminated would return and be placed on their team instead, which would be Ashley yet again. Due to her naviety, she found herself a victim to Paris's manipulation and subjected to her alliance, believing Paris to be a wonderful friend when in reality Paris was simply using her. Ashley would continue to ignorantly serve Paris as Paris protected Ashley from certain elimination for the next few episodes. Then, immediately after the merge, Paris turned on Ashley and voted for her, thereby causing Ashley's final elimination. A saddened Ashley gracefully retreated to the limozine of loser-dom. It is implied that she went straight back to the clinic because she wasn't seen in the finale. She placed 6th in this season.

Total Drama VillageEdit

Ashley was immediately in an alliance with Sandy when the game started. Because of this, she and her alliance took almost complete control of the team, although Ashley rarely issued any commands. In fact, she was quiet pleasant with everyone on her team. This didn't save her from being outraged when she found out that someone stole her drugs and causing havoc across the board. She was spared, however, as she was a number in the alliance. Although Sandy promised her that she would get her elimination very soon, Ashley was grateful that it wasn't her turn yet.

Ashley made it to the merge yet again, although she was yet again one of the first people voted off afterwards in part because of her annoying hyperactivity. She placed 6th in this season.

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