Alice, labeled the Hopeless Romantic, is a camper in Total Drama Lakes and was placed on the Lost Boys team. She did not qualify to compete in Total Drama Reaction but was a commentator in the peanut gallery for the aftermath shows. She did, however, return as a peasant in Total Drama Village as a member of the Depressed Donkeys. She also returned as a tourist in  Total Drama Cross-Country as an Heroic Hen.

Physical Trais and Personality

Alice can be described as being a social butterfly. She is generally friendly, has very few enemies, and is quick to forgive. Although her naive sheep-like nature often makes her an easy target for manipulation. While she is accepting of other ideas, she is also passionate of getting her way and thus she tends to think in a line of right and wrong. A social butterfly by nature, she finds it easy to fall for boys and is particuarly boy crazy which often results in jealousy if she feels she is being ignored.

Alice is about as colorful as her personality is. Her long brown hair is tied up in a ponytail. She wears an unbottoned peach-colored overshirt. Her undershirt is solid pink which has a heart with an arrow through it. Below that, she wears a rose-colored skirt and black highheels.

Total Drama Lake

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An accurate model of Alice.

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