Flying Pigs

Depressing Donkies

Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Place TDL: 4th

TDV: 1st / 2nd

Relationship Damien (broken up), Olive
Friends Damien, Olive, Paris
Enemies Dahlya, Jeremy
Fear Claustrophobia

Aaron, labeled the Nonconformatist, is a Camper in Total Drama Lakes where he was placed on the Silly Grouses team. He did not compete in Total Drama Reaction, but was a member of the Total Drama Reaction Aftermath as a peanut gallery. He was a peasant in Total Drama Village where he was runner-up and was a member of the Depressing Donkies. He was originally qualified to return as a tourist to Total Drama Cross Country, but he was eliminated right before the season even premierred. However, he was forced back into the game along with Owen at the merge.

Physical Traits and PersonalityEdit

Aaron is adamently rebellious towards the unwritten social norms of society. He grew up in a very poor family with three older brothers and one little sister, whom he cares very much for. Due to his low-class environment, Aaron is unaware and indifferent about the code of ethics. He is a natural joker, never taking any situation too realistically. It's been said that Aaron likes to tear off the last page out of mystery novels.

Aaron is a healthy muscular round young man, however he is by no means a gym rat. His entire attire is unkempt and sloppy, an appearance which compliments his overall personality. His dark brown hair is unkempt, uncombed, and uncondictioned. His bangs grow past his eyes, but end just before his nose.

He wears an orange opened unbuttoned camp shirt over the black undershirt. He also wears a pair of marroon pants.

Total Drama LakeEdit

Aaron is one of the very few contestants who is and never will be in it to win it. He has no strategy whatsoever and never makes an effort to make one. Aaron's approach was to focus with what he had and to live with it. This often was antagonistic towards Damien's totalitarian control over the group, where Aaron would simply ignore Damien or mock him abnoxiously, creating a Tom and Jerry like relationship between the two. However, despite Aaron's obvious indifference towards the game, he proves to be a valuable asset to the team and was typically not against cooperation. Outside of challenges, Aaron was almost always shown to be delibertly annoying to Damien often in a flirtacious manner that of which Damien attempted to ignore. Aaron continued to get under Damien's skin until Damien eventually broke and finally accepted Aaron and thus the two's relationship commensed. Unfortuantely, though, Damien was eliminated on that very same episode.

After the merge, Aaron was shown to rather unsocialable and perhaps even lonely, now that he had no one to annoy. He demonstrated to be very adaptable to independence, refusing to join any alliance, he managed to place 4th.

Total Drama ReactionEdit

Aaron did not qualify to return in Total Drama Reaction, although he was a member in the peanut gallery. He was seen next to Damien typically. He delibertly questioned Damien's commentary and supported the candidate directly opposing the candidate Damien selected for no other reason than to just to get under his skin. He also voted for Damien to return to the game, knowing that Damien was disinterested of the game now. He even rigged the Aftermath Show challenge so that Damien won by a landslide, proving that Damein's curse was just a fluke and thereby forcing Damien to compete against his will.

After Damien's elimination late in the game, Aaron still lived on the edge of their relationship by voting to help Paris again, infurating Damien.

Total Drama VillageEdit

Aaron's strategy for Total Drama Village was similar to his previous season, in that he had no distinct strategy by himself. However, he has shown to be a lot more sneaky, devious, and perhaps even manipulative than his previous season would suggest. He has apparantly developed a newfound admiraiton for the game and was shown to be genuinely concern when his name was on the chopping block. He was also shown to be much more loyal and submissive to Damien, almost completely surrendering his sense of humor in order to preserve his relationship, which he does care deeply for. This gave Damien almost absolute control over the dictation of their relationship, which was something Aaron was clearly apprehensive about. Because of this anxiety, it was revealed that he actually did in fact vote for Damien, thereby causing Damien to be the first person voted off.

When Damien returned back to the game due to a technicality, Aaron was yet again forced to surrender to Damien's tyranical methods of leadership. Although Aaron was anxious to get rid of Damien peacefully, he still used Damien to do his dirty work by persuading Damien to manipulate Sebastien to vote for Alice, his love-interest, in lieu of Aaron himself. He also continue to led Damien on until he obtained the power to officially eliminated Damien once more, which he unhesitantly did so, thereby causing Damien's elimination. Infuriated by this, Damien screeched that they were "so done" right after the revelation of the votes.

In the offically finale to Total Drama Village, Aaron was runner-up. He attempts to peacefully chat with Damien who is still outraged with Aaron's betrayl, saying that he doesn't talk to "losers". However, due to Aaron's patience, Damien accepts him yet again and the two sneak out of the Aftermath party for some speghetti.

In the alternate version, Aaron is the winner of the season. He is again seen trying to talk with Damien, who refuses to talk to him saying that he doesn't talk to liars. Damien does not accept Aaron in this version and is seen storming out of the Aftermath Party alone. However, Tehua, noticing this, comforts Damien who reluctantly admits that he is happy for Aaron.

Total Drama Cross-CountryEdit

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